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Non-District Students

Students who live outside of Goliad County: 

A Parent / Student whose residence is NOT in Goliad County (the place, especially the house, in which the student lives or resides; dwelling; or home) must apply for transfer as per the Texas Education Agency.  Goliad ISD accepts non-district transfer students based upon the criteria set forth in the Goliad ISD Policy. (FDA-Legal/Local)  

NON-District Student Information:
  • Goliad ISD accepts non-district transfer students in 1st - 12th grades from surrounding counties.  Student Transfers are approved for one school year at a time and all students must re-apply for transfer each new school year.

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  • New Transfer Student & Continuing Transfer Students applications are available for download at the bottom of this web page or from the Parent Portal link tab "Goliad ISD Documents".
  • All Returning Non-District Students transfer applications need to be received at the District Administration office at 161 N. Welch St, Goliad Tx on or before May 1, 2024.  
  • All NEW Non-District Students requesting enrollment to Goliad ISD must return the transfer application to the District Administration office at 161 N. Welch St, Goliad Tx on or before May 1, 2024
    • REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION must be included with new student application before the DIstrict will consider the student for transfer. 
      • Most Recent or Final Report Card; ; Transcripts for 9th – 12th graders; OR Home School Records (if applicable)
      • STAAR Records (if applicable)
      • Letter or documentation of current / most recent attendance and behavior from prior campus.
      • Current Special Education Testing; 504 documents, ESL, GT, etc.  (if applicable)

Non-District Transfer students must have an APPROVED TRANSFER APPLICATION to complete the Enrollment / Registration online process.  You need to upload the Approved Transfer App along with your proof of residency. 

Goliad ISD Non-District Transfer forms

  • Read the information letter. 
  • Download the .pdf document, complete, sign and return to Goliad ISD, OR
  • Complete the filable .pdf document, sign and email form to 
  • Include all documentation required for NEW request.